Italian wedding folk trio Tuscany

Italian wedding folk trio Tuscany – Feel a true Italian experience

Who they are:

Our Italian wedding folk trio Tuscany will recreate a typical Italian romantic and “from the old days” atmosphere.

Suitable for large events or small occasions, these highly skilled professional musicians usually perform during Aperitifs, Cocktails or other moments as dinner or guests welcome.
Included in their repertoire there’s a wide range of musical genres as Italian Folk, Tarantella, Tango, Swing, Jazz, Pop, Original Soundtracks, Bossa nova…

The full ensemble consists of Accordion, Acoustic Guitar (or Mandolino), Violin. Anyway, if needed there can be more combinations as Italian wedding folk duo Tuscany: Accordion and Violin – Guitar and Violin – Guitar and Accordion. Moreover each one of them can play also as soloist.

Italian wedding folk trio Tuscany


Their repertoire also touches the world of Jazz music, classic Neapolitan songs, Afrocuban music, Bossa Nova, Latin American music, Tango, Classical music, with standard classic pieces and typical music from the world of Swing Jazz, or the music written by the most famous artists of every age (till today) and made famous by the best musicians from all over the world.
Folk, acoustic music and popular Italian songs are always a great entertainment in weddings during the cocktail hour or the wedding meal.

Why Folk music during a wedding?

All Italy, just as much as Tuscany, Florence, Siena and their surrounding territory are great places to experience folk music. Wherever you’ll travel to other parts of Italy – Umbria, Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Abruzzo, Emilia, Lombardia, Lazio, Piemonte, Sicilia – to name a few – strangers will become friends, and good fellowship, good food and wine soon will follow!!!
So, we encourage the spouses to keep their eyes – and ears – open: the wonderful richness of Italy’s varied folk traditions can make their event a touch more authentic and distinctive!!
Our Italian wedding folk trio Tuscany can perform and entertain the guests during aperitifs/cocktails or dinner parties, but they are also equally very much appreciated during ceremony where a touch of old-fashioned country charm is wanted.
They are not only a Folk Trio, they are great musicians able to adapt their repertoire to every need and every event type and they can customize the repertoire and learn and perform songs on request.

Other pics of the folk trio took during some weddings in Tuscany:

The trio playing their folk music during an aperitif just before a beautiful Tuscan sunset

Wedding folk trio Tuscany Italy

The best italian and international music played by the folk trio in the garden of a wonderful villa in front of the guests

The Italian wedding folk trio playing during an aperitif in a villa in Tuscany

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