Wedding harpist Tuscany Florence

Wedding harpist Tuscany “Florence”

Wedding harpist Tuscany “Florence”. An Italian high level professional wedding harpist in Florence available for wedding ceremony and aperitifs in Tuscany and in all Italy. She usually play in ceremonies and aperitifs during international weddings in Tuscany. She has a beautiful and extensive repertoire and she can also play music of your choice. So just send her some request and she will learn and play the songs you need for your event. Also available together with other musicians. Duo Harp and Violin, harp and voice, harp and oboe and other musicians ensemble. The sweet sound of the harp played from a talented and well known musician will accompany the most important day of your life. From classical repertory to modern pop songs. From Celtic popular music to famous melodies transcriptions. Available in Tuscany and all over Italy.

Below some video samples with harp solo, harp and violin.

Wedding harpist Tuscany “Florence”, music for wedding ceremony and wedding aperitifs